Monday, 18 October 2010

Space Funeral

So for anyone that knows me, im a big fan of obscure games.
and i recently found one called 'Space funeral' . its an rpg, and its very very surreal. the main character 'PHILLIP'seems to permanently be crying, and none of
the other 'NPC' characters seem to give a damn about anything, often stating obvious yet slightly comical things such as " theres lots of blood in the blood caverns". Blood seems to be the main theme of the game, pretty much everything is covered in it.

well anyway you start the game in a small village with about 3 houses you can go in, and you are told you need to go north, but its dangerous and to look rou
nd the swamps to the east first to find a weapon. The game is pretty linear, and the battles arnt 'random encounters' as they are in the vast majority of rpgs, you can see them running around, and touching them leads into battle... but the battles only tend to last a
few seconds, and you level up really fast which is good :D

anyway after beating the first dungeon in the swamp, which is only a few rooms big and has 5/6 enemies in and a strange multicoloured dragon boss thi
ng. you finnally get a a weapon, when you go north you stumble accross your first ally, a decapitated horse called 'LEG HORSE'

music wise the game has a kinda 'noise/mike oldfield' feel to it it sounds pretty retro but i really like it, and it fits in well.

further in the game you take a boat ride to the blood caverns and meet with a wizard (who seems to be a vampire) and more weird stuff happens (the music gets weirder here, like noise music whilst someone narrates a story ontop of it)

anyway i wont spoil the game anymore for you, if you want to play it, its a free download, just go to and its there.

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