Monday, 18 October 2010

Space Funeral

So for anyone that knows me, im a big fan of obscure games.
and i recently found one called 'Space funeral' . its an rpg, and its very very surreal. the main character 'PHILLIP'seems to permanently be crying, and none of
the other 'NPC' characters seem to give a damn about anything, often stating obvious yet slightly comical things such as " theres lots of blood in the blood caverns". Blood seems to be the main theme of the game, pretty much everything is covered in it.

well anyway you start the game in a small village with about 3 houses you can go in, and you are told you need to go north, but its dangerous and to look rou
nd the swamps to the east first to find a weapon. The game is pretty linear, and the battles arnt 'random encounters' as they are in the vast majority of rpgs, you can see them running around, and touching them leads into battle... but the battles only tend to last a
few seconds, and you level up really fast which is good :D

anyway after beating the first dungeon in the swamp, which is only a few rooms big and has 5/6 enemies in and a strange multicoloured dragon boss thi
ng. you finnally get a a weapon, when you go north you stumble accross your first ally, a decapitated horse called 'LEG HORSE'

music wise the game has a kinda 'noise/mike oldfield' feel to it it sounds pretty retro but i really like it, and it fits in well.

further in the game you take a boat ride to the blood caverns and meet with a wizard (who seems to be a vampire) and more weird stuff happens (the music gets weirder here, like noise music whilst someone narrates a story ontop of it)

anyway i wont spoil the game anymore for you, if you want to play it, its a free download, just go to and its there.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

new band

So...i actually started my new band today, kindof...!
i taught my friend how to play some drums, so she can be the drummer! :D
now we can start writing some song together and then one day record them/ play live maybe woo
...but somehow i cut my finger on a part of the drums so i cant practise as touching stuff makes my finger hurt :(


Saturday, 12 June 2010

boring Saturday.......

So i completely changed my room round and refurnished it a couple of weeks ago, but as im currently lacking motivation to do anything (i blame the heat) i thought i should upload some pictures of what my room looks like now. its too much hassle to upload some 'before' images and format everything but it was pretty horrible ha. i had a 'kitchen worksurface' where the bed is now with my laptop, xbox and tv on, and a massive shelf above that with cd, dvds etc on.

i treated myself to a new 19inch flatscreen tv (Richer Sounds) and a new blind (Dunelm mill) and a bedside table, coffee table, cd rack and that black and white flat which covers a horrible wall full of drill holes and scratches (all from IKEA)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

5 extreme films you might like

when people hear 'extreme film' they pretty much assume you mean saw, hostel that kind of thing, some violent killing/ torture film. well no, they may be extreme, but they are not truly shocking.
anyway here are 5 films i think you might like. ill start with the one which i think is the most watchable 'entry level' extreme film, although really to put them in any order would be hard as some have much more unpleasant themes whereas some are just very hard to watch.
Ive tried to describe the plots as broadly as possible to avoid giving away any spoliers

Battle Royale -themes: Anarchy, Killing friends
Possibly my favourite film ever, Battle Royale deals with the world in the near future having broken down and anarchy is ripe, so to set an example to the world a class of students is chosen, kidnapped forced into fighting on an island for 3 days until there is only one survivor (failure to do this, or being caught in a 'danger zone' or trying to escape, will result in a collar that is placed round their necks exploding , killing them) to help them dispose of each other they are each given a random weapon; axe gun etc, some weapons are a bit crappy though.

(Sympathy for) Lady Vengeance -themes; torture, child murder
A woman is blackmailed into being convicted for a string of child murders to protect her own daughter, having been released she plots an intricate plan to get back at who blackmailed her. Another really good film, however of all the films ive listed this one contains the most upsetting scene of the lot, when she shows the parents a video of actually happened to the children.

Dumplings -themes: Cannibalism, incest
A woman is getting concerned that she is ageing and upon hearing of a woman who makes dumplings with supposed revitalising effects she decides to investigate. It turns out that there is a very unpleasant ingredient in the dumplings (worse then human body parts). possibly the most unpleasant film on the list, definitely avoid if you have a weak stomach.

Audition -themes; Torture, mutilation
A man is tired of being alone and after advice from a friend he decides to hold a mock film audition to try and find suitable wife material, unfortunately the one he chooses is a bit of a psychopath. they start dating and its all fine, but she accidentally sees something that upsets her and it all spirals down from there.

Begotten -themes; the unknown, your eyes deceiving you?
Possibly the hardest film to watch ever made, the only way i can really describe it is "imagine the video from the ring, but then a whole film like that". i think the plot is loosely something to do with the circle of life... but im not sure...

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shonen Knife- Supergroup!

A couple of days ago i saw Shonen Knife in my home town with my friend, the second i heard that they were playing i rushed down to the ticket shop and got myself ticket #1 (superfan xD)
they were being supported by 2 local bands, one called 'acid pony' and one called 'we three and the death rattle'(i think....) i wasn't too fond of 'we three', but they were pretty original so that was good, acid pony were good i liked their style, but i think the songs started sounding a bit similar after a bit .
And then Shonen Knife played, they were so good!, they were playing songs from their newish album 'Supergroup' (the newest album 'Free-Time' isnt easily accessible in the UK yet) they played about an hour set, including both new songs and some old ones. It was a really good atmosphere, the venue was pretty much packed, and people joined in with the songs, it was awesome :) also because me and my friend were one of the first people in we got to be right at the front, yay!....until some drunk girl decided she would push infront of me ¬.¬'

I bought pretty much everything they had on sale at their stall; T-shirt, CD, poster, phone charm, they were signing everything anyone put in front of them! i also took one of the promotional posters from the wall and they signed that :D

anyway here are some photos i took :D

And lastly heres a photo of the stuff i got :) the back poster (red thing) the white promotional poster (white) and the cd are all signed, the phone charm is in the bottom right attached to my phone, and the t-shirt is at the bottom .

Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Marvellous Album covers of Trevor Brown

Just a small entry to showcase a couple of the album covers that the artist trevor brown has done. I really love these two album covers,

Eyelicker-Various Artists
Possibly my very favorite 'compilation album' ever, features 14 tracks from some of my favorite artists; Wisp, Venetian Snares,Bong-ra,Enduser, Vorpal to name a few. All the tracks are original, none have been featured on albums by the artists (to my knowledge). My Personal Favourite Track on the album, is 'Uxe-Bu' By Wisp, a truly phenomenal track although im not sure what the lyrics are about, from what i gather,a tidal wave

Winter In the belly of a snake- Venetian Snares
Although it is one of the highest rated Venetian Snares Albums, its not one of my particular favorites. There are some good tracks on the album, but im not a fan of the general style. If you want to listen to a couple of tracks from the album i recommend 'sink snow angel' 'Dad' and possibly 'Stairs song'.

Monday, 3 May 2010

My first blog, ha

Why Hello, so i decided to do a blog, after a few people suggested i do one.....
so here it is, im not completely sure whats going to be in it, most probabily a mix of everything.
I cant really say how often i will update if but hopefully, kinda frequently...
Ill start off with a DeerHaunter EP i made the tracks for, but never actually got around to finishing at the time, but have now!

Deerhaunter: Catastrophe of the future EP
1.Catastrophe of the future part1
2.Catastrophe of the future part2
3.Catastrophe of the future part3
available to listen/download from :