Sunday, 16 May 2010

5 extreme films you might like

when people hear 'extreme film' they pretty much assume you mean saw, hostel that kind of thing, some violent killing/ torture film. well no, they may be extreme, but they are not truly shocking.
anyway here are 5 films i think you might like. ill start with the one which i think is the most watchable 'entry level' extreme film, although really to put them in any order would be hard as some have much more unpleasant themes whereas some are just very hard to watch.
Ive tried to describe the plots as broadly as possible to avoid giving away any spoliers

Battle Royale -themes: Anarchy, Killing friends
Possibly my favourite film ever, Battle Royale deals with the world in the near future having broken down and anarchy is ripe, so to set an example to the world a class of students is chosen, kidnapped forced into fighting on an island for 3 days until there is only one survivor (failure to do this, or being caught in a 'danger zone' or trying to escape, will result in a collar that is placed round their necks exploding , killing them) to help them dispose of each other they are each given a random weapon; axe gun etc, some weapons are a bit crappy though.

(Sympathy for) Lady Vengeance -themes; torture, child murder
A woman is blackmailed into being convicted for a string of child murders to protect her own daughter, having been released she plots an intricate plan to get back at who blackmailed her. Another really good film, however of all the films ive listed this one contains the most upsetting scene of the lot, when she shows the parents a video of actually happened to the children.

Dumplings -themes: Cannibalism, incest
A woman is getting concerned that she is ageing and upon hearing of a woman who makes dumplings with supposed revitalising effects she decides to investigate. It turns out that there is a very unpleasant ingredient in the dumplings (worse then human body parts). possibly the most unpleasant film on the list, definitely avoid if you have a weak stomach.

Audition -themes; Torture, mutilation
A man is tired of being alone and after advice from a friend he decides to hold a mock film audition to try and find suitable wife material, unfortunately the one he chooses is a bit of a psychopath. they start dating and its all fine, but she accidentally sees something that upsets her and it all spirals down from there.

Begotten -themes; the unknown, your eyes deceiving you?
Possibly the hardest film to watch ever made, the only way i can really describe it is "imagine the video from the ring, but then a whole film like that". i think the plot is loosely something to do with the circle of life... but im not sure...

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