Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shonen Knife- Supergroup!

A couple of days ago i saw Shonen Knife in my home town with my friend, the second i heard that they were playing i rushed down to the ticket shop and got myself ticket #1 (superfan xD)
they were being supported by 2 local bands, one called 'acid pony' and one called 'we three and the death rattle'(i think....) i wasn't too fond of 'we three', but they were pretty original so that was good, acid pony were good i liked their style, but i think the songs started sounding a bit similar after a bit .
And then Shonen Knife played, they were so good!, they were playing songs from their newish album 'Supergroup' (the newest album 'Free-Time' isnt easily accessible in the UK yet) they played about an hour set, including both new songs and some old ones. It was a really good atmosphere, the venue was pretty much packed, and people joined in with the songs, it was awesome :) also because me and my friend were one of the first people in we got to be right at the front, yay!....until some drunk girl decided she would push infront of me ¬.¬'

I bought pretty much everything they had on sale at their stall; T-shirt, CD, poster, phone charm, they were signing everything anyone put in front of them! i also took one of the promotional posters from the wall and they signed that :D

anyway here are some photos i took :D

And lastly heres a photo of the stuff i got :) the back poster (red thing) the white promotional poster (white) and the cd are all signed, the phone charm is in the bottom right attached to my phone, and the t-shirt is at the bottom .

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