Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Marvellous Album covers of Trevor Brown

Just a small entry to showcase a couple of the album covers that the artist trevor brown has done. I really love these two album covers,

Eyelicker-Various Artists
Possibly my very favorite 'compilation album' ever, features 14 tracks from some of my favorite artists; Wisp, Venetian Snares,Bong-ra,Enduser, Vorpal to name a few. All the tracks are original, none have been featured on albums by the artists (to my knowledge). My Personal Favourite Track on the album, is 'Uxe-Bu' By Wisp, a truly phenomenal track although im not sure what the lyrics are about, from what i gather,a tidal wave

Winter In the belly of a snake- Venetian Snares
Although it is one of the highest rated Venetian Snares Albums, its not one of my particular favorites. There are some good tracks on the album, but im not a fan of the general style. If you want to listen to a couple of tracks from the album i recommend 'sink snow angel' 'Dad' and possibly 'Stairs song'.

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